Our Certifications

Eigenrac and our partners are sector specifically licensed to the international industry standard relevant to that business unit. We are fully compliant to the national tax authorities and comply with international codes of conduct in equality and diversity, anti-bribery and corruption.

Due Diligence

The Eigenrac due diligence process comprises of 5 stages that are both mandatory and thorough. The process is designed to reduce the known and associated risks when conducting business with suppliers, subcontractors and external businesses and organisations. The 5 stages comprise of, Finances Checks of Accounts/Tax returns – Valid company registration, licence and Company & Ownership Background Checks – Company Policies & Procedures – Accreditation and Certificates – Risk Assessment.

Implementation of this process has enabled Eigenrac to reduce the risks associated with loss. We continue to monitor our due diligence process, continuously evolving with technological changes, industry best practice and the threat.