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Intelligence Management Services (IMS)

Eigenrac helps our clients understand social and geopolitical threats they face utilizing the intelligence management process. This will make a notable difference between physical, financial and reputational loss or in achieving strategic aims and objectives – underpinning success.

We provide cost effective Intelligence Management Solutions that will not only reduce the risks to your assets and reputation, but will also provide a competitive advantage through enhanced business resilience, ensuring you can respond quickly and effectively to incidents and events as they unfold.

Specifically, we will work with you to answer your Information Requirements, develop and implement a tailored and bespoke intelligence capability, which will enable you to create a holistic risk and security framework for your business that is based upon information relevant to your project or operations. This proactive approach, which ensures intelligence is embedded at the core of your security strategy will enable you to mitigate risks wherever practically possible and will ultimately reduce the long-term costs of you doing business in this challenging threat environment.

Our Intelligence Management team are industry professionals with decades of expertise working in complex environments. Drawn from a variety of organizations in this niche space we provide a top-down project management approach to all the solutions we deliver. We will ensure oversight of product delivery to satisfy Information Requirements stipulated by our clients, review, and quality assurance of any report we release for ultimate end user satisfaction.

IMS services

Country reporting – geopolitical reporting and analysis of a country or region.
Bespoke reporting – specifically designed to answer Information Requirements.
Incident data mapping and analysis – trend analysis of incidents in a given area.
Embedded analyst – full time or call off giving full benefit of our back-office team support.
Training and mentoring – of your own in-house capability to international sector standards.

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