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Capacity Building Services (CBS)

The importance of capability development programs for security agencies, corporate entities and NGO’s is forefront in the minds of Governments and foreign investors in the current climate of extended conflicts.

Eigenrac seeks to be the partner of choice that has demonstrable past and current performance in the successful delivery of commercially viable capacity and capability building programs on behalf of Governments, Corporates and NGO’s.

Our approach from the outset is to deliver a local, sustainable solution that is both enduring and continually seeks to reduce contract costs. In doing so we aim to help build a legacy that will add depth to our clients’ capabilities, ensuring they are able to execute strategy in order to achieve their key goals both in the short and long term.

The uniqueness of our capability is supported by the breadth and depth of our consortium of companies across the sectors and geographies we operate in, delivered with the skills and robust project management of highly experienced and credible trainers and mentors that will exceed the expectations of our customers – underpinning success.


Our mission is to provide unrivalled best practice services to assist in enabling stability and prosperity

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