Specialized Protective Security Services

Specialized Protective Security Services (SPSS)

Eigenrac provides comprehensive specialized protective security services to the corporate, diplomatic and NGO community in difficult environments. A changing security landscape will mean that client requirements will differ with the situation, and that flexible and agile service provision from bodyguards in permissive environments to armed security in non-permissive environments is essential in ensuring service delivery continues to meet client protection needs.

We provide world leading service standards to a wide ranging client base of multinational organizations and NGO’s, as well as delivering security to corporates from a range of sectors including; energy, extractives, manufacturing, and logistics. Our security professionals are trained by expatriate former military and police personnel, ensuring that best practice standards are met at all times and there is a meticulous level of planning, prior to the execution of operations embedded in our security operators culture.

We have nearly two decades of proven past performance in the delivery of specialized protective static and mobile security, executive protection and meet and greet services, in-country protective services training and development. We strictly meet all regulatory requirements, current licenses and associated permits to operate across our region, as well as adherence to the ethical employment of staff in accordance with labour law.

Our security staff are trained in the following competencies with refresher training conducted every six months:

Mobile and static security tradecraft & procedures
VIP protection & vehicle drills
Vehicle and personnel search procedures
Weapon familiarization and training
Basic first aid
Radio communication procedures
Rules of use of force
Law of armed conflict
Basic human rights
Private Security Company Compliant
ICOCA Compliant

Our mission is to provide unrivalled best practice services to assist in enabling stability and prosperity

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Risk Management
Capacity Building